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Hannah Modigh: The Milky Way [signed]

Coming of Age – Hannah Modigh

Swedish photographer Hannah Modigh’s latest book addresses adolescent yearning and upheaval. The series “The Milky Way” depicts how girls and boys aged 12-16 approach each other, form groups, seek identity. This series was awarded the prestigious Scandinavian Photo prize by TT in 2013. Modigh is on of the up-and-coming photographers in Sweden. > MORE Hannah […]

Polar Chill: Gerry Johansson

In 2001, through a grant from the Swedish Polar Research Secretariat, Gerry Johansson (b. 1945, Swedish) travelled to the inaccessible and distinct landscape of Antarctica on a research trip for two months. With him on the journey he had a large-format camera and his fearless curiosity. The series of photos eventuate in an unusual reality […]

Anton Renborg: 
Notices de la Corse

Summer breeze: Anton Renborg

Anton Renborg’s Corsican journey captures your heart. Lyrical and musical. We can only be in awe of this absolutely stunning production – book-wise and photography-wise. > MORE Anton Renborg: 
Notices de la Corse Designed by:    Jesper Örtegren Text by:    Natacha Wolinski ISBN:    9782350463179 Publisher:    Filigranes Publ. year:    2014 Languages:    English, French Pages:    64 Illustrations:    35 […]

Anders Petersen [signed][English edition]

Meet the artist Anders Petersen in Stockholm – Limited Edition

For all you collectors out there, here’s a chance to buy something precious. This is a limited edition of 77 signed and numbered of the hardback volume in a slipcase including a signed and numbered print. The edition has 2 photographs, one for even and one for odd numbers. > MORE Anders Petersen [Limited Edition] […]

Anders Petersen [signed][English edition]

Beyond the Neat Surface – Anders Petersen

It is in the outskirts of society Anders Petersen wanders with his camera. His subjects are outsiders, late-nighters, mental patients, prisoners and people slightly off the beaten path. This is a new retrospective book summarizes his career so far. Anders Petersen has delivered striking and difficult portraits consistently over the past 40 years and he […]

Anders Petersen: To Belong

Finale Emilia – Anders Petersen: To Belong

“To Belong” is a project by renowned Swedish photographer Anders Petersen about the earthquake that affected the Emilia area in North Italy on May 20th, 2012. Harsh, warm and poetic. A young contortionist, a knotty tree trunk, two elderly people dancing in a ballroom. One year after the earthquake, Petersen’s photos create a small poem […]

Martin Adolfsson: Suburbia Gone Wild How Suburbia is Conquering the World

Unheimlich: Martin Adolfsson – Suburbia Gone Wild

Money can buy a lot. But in ”Suburbia Gone Wild”, a project by Martin Adolfsson we are confronted with urban sameness.  It’s a photographic study of the new upper middle class in emerging economies around the world. > MORE Martin Adolfsson: Suburbia Gone Wild: How Suburbia is Conquering the World Designed by:    Larry Mayorga Foreword […]

Björn Larsson - Brandplats 3 [signed]

Smoking – Björn Larsson – Brandplats 3 [signed]

“Brandplats 3” is a powerful series of photographs by Swedish artist Björn Larsson, documenting the outcome of a major forest fire Stockholm County in 1999. Tyresta National Park lost some 10% of its area to the fire. Since the book is hand-scorched, there is a distinct smell of smoke. > MORE Björn Larsson – Brandplats […]

JH Engström - Sketch of Paris

Me And Paris – JH Engström

JH Engström’s new book collects images spanning some 20 years taken in city he loves – Paris.  There is a lot of passion, love and grind. (I keep thinking of Nan Goldin’s “The Other Side”). Sliding in and out of two points of view: personal diary and city portrait. Signed copies of “Sketch of Paris” […]

Dead Plates by Hans Gedda

Dead Plates by Hans Gedda

Hans Gedda’s still lifes are remarkably captures in a stunning and wonderful book production by Livrasion. Mostly in black & white there is a glossy colour section midway into the book that changes the pace of the visual narrative.  Numbered edition of 666 copies. “Dead Plates” is a collection of still life photography from 1975 […]