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Exkursioner/Excursions by Martin Jacobson

Landscapes: Exkursioner/Excursions by Martin Jacobson

The scenic vs the scene.  The familiar vs the unfamiliar. Swedish artist Martin Jacobson’s pictorial vision of nature is like a theater set.” Exkursioner/Excursions” accompanies his exhibition at Nordiska Akvarellmuseet. See more information about the book in our online shop or read the first parts of Camilla Larsson’s text, ”Painting’s Nature” here: From Camilla Larsson’s […]

Snowdrops from a Curate's Garden by Fredrik Söderberg

Snowdrops from a Curate’s Garden by Fredrik Söderberg

Naughty writings from 1903 by Aleister Crowley, the Scottish occultist, magician and poet. It’s a collection of stories about an archbishop’s sexual adventures illustrated by Fredrik Söderberg in a limited edition of 418 copies. > MORE Snowdrops from a Curate’s Garden by Fredrik Söderberg Editor:    Vere Chappel Author:    Aleister Crowley Introduction by:    Vere Chappel ISBN:   […]

Marie-Louise Ekman - No Is Not an Answer On the Work of Marie-Louise Ekman

Pop Feminism – Marie-Louise Ekman

Marie-Louise Ekman was the number one “Bad Girl”<br />of the Swedish art scene in 60′ and 70′. The living room was her preferred topic in paintings, films and installations. Here’s a new extensive monograph on her art and its socio-political impact. > MORE Marie-Louise Ekman – No Is Not an Answer On the Work of […]

Entreprenör och provokatör by Lars Hillersberg

A Political Kiss by Lars Hillersberg

A Swedish provocateur, Lars Hillersberg was a  thorn in the side of the power establishment throughout his career. The political hell-raiser, satirical cartoonist, artist and publisher of ”Puss” magazine is now being tributed with a large retrospective at Kulturhuset in  Stockholm. > MORE . Entreprenör och provokatör by Lars Hillersberg Editor:    Andreas Berg Text by:   […]

Konst 1998-2012 - Johan Thurfjell

A personal review by Johan Thurfjell

In ”Konst 1998 -2012” Swedish artist Johan Thurfjell summarizes, with a very personal tone of voice, 14 years of his art production. The book is a little gem, produced in 300 numbered copies. > MORE . Konst 1998-2012 – Johan Thurfjell Designed by: Alphabetical Order Text by: Johan Thurfjell Preface by: Power Ekroth ISBN: 9789163730689 […]

Watercolors by Mats Gustafson

Magic strokes – Mats Gustafson

Few fashion illustrators can match the art of Mats Gustafson. His clients include Hermès, Tiffany & Co., Yohji Yamamoto, and Comme des Garçons.  And his editorial work has been seen in French & Italian Vogue, The New Yorker, and Visionaire. > MORE . Watercolors by Mats Gustafson Designed by:    Henrik Nygren Text by:    Berndt Arell, […]

Gunnel Wåhlstrand

Memory in Ink – Gunnel Wåhlstrand

We are true admirers of the work of Swedish artist Gunnel Wåhlstrand. There is a strange serenity in her pieces –– romantic, melancholic, peaceful and warm.  Her photorealistic pieces work like a family album. This book offers a complete overview of her work 2002-2012. Don’t miss the chance to get familiar with it! > MORE […]

All That I Learned and Then Forgot by Jockum Nordström

Story-Teller Jockum Nordström

A large selection of Jockum Nordström’s work is presently showing at LaM in Lille and will travel to Camden Art Centre in London this summer. Collage, drawings, paintings and sculpture.   > MORE . All That I Learned and Then Forgot by Jockum Nordström Designed by:    Kim Beirnaert Text by:    Marc Donnadieu, John Hutchinson Publisher:    Hatje […]

333 pärlplattor by Joakim Pirinen

Obsession: 333 pärlplattor by Joakim Pirinen

What happens if you take a pearl peg board in the shape of a princess and turn it upside down? Swedish artist Joakim Pirinen found out and started a rather obsessive art project.    > MORE . 333 pärlplattor [signed] by Joakim Pirinen Text by:    Joakim Pirinen Publisher:    Orosdi-Back Publ. year:    2012 Languages:    Swedish, English Pages:   […]

A Pioneer of Abstraction by Hilma af Klint

A Pioneer of Abstraction by Hilma af Klint

The work of Hilma af Klint is finally reaching the attention and reputation it deserves. She is one of the most important abstract painters of the 20th century.  > MORE . A Pioneer of Abstraction by Hilma af Klint Editors:    Iris Müller-Westerman, Jo Widoff Designed by:    Patric Leo Text by:    David Lomas, Iris Müller-Westerman, Pascal […]