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Jesper Haynes: Shibuya Scramble

X Crossing: Jesper Haynes

Shibuya Scramble is one of the more hectic places in the world. Swedish-American fashion photographer Jesper Haynes has shot a series of black & white street photographs of women pedestrians making the Tokyo crossing. No faces but legs and shoes.   Jesper Haynes: Shibuya Scramble ISBN:    9786163610867 Publisher:    Pinkuneko Publishing Publ. year:    2014 Language:    English […]

Philip-Lorca diCorcia - Hustlers

Philip-Lorca diCorcia: Hustlers

Satan i gatan, as we say here, but this one is just fantastic. A large, very large sized diCorcia book designed by a man who really knows how to make books, Pascal Dangin. > MORE Philip-Lorca diCorcia – Hustlers Designed by:    Pascal Dangin ISBN:    9783869306179 Publisher:    Steidl Verlag Publ. year:    2013 Language:    English Pages:    168 […]

Garry Winogrand

Street Photographer Garry Winogrand

Hooray! Finally an extensive look at master photographer Garry Winogrand’s large body of work. He had an exceptional eye for capturing American culture especially in the 1960s. > MORE . Garry Winogrand Editor:    Leo Rubinfien Text by:    Sarah Greenough, Susan Kismaric, Erin O’Toole, Tod Papageorge, Sandra Phillips Publisher:    Yale University Press Publ. year:    2013 Language:   […]