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William A Ewing: Landmark - The Fields of Landscape Photography

More Than Nature: Landmark

“Landmark” is an international survey on the vibrant, burgeoning field that is contemporary landscape photography (and environmental photography), featuring over 100 photographers. It is a great take on this field. Authored by William A. Ewing, the book explores the wide range of photographic practices and expressions that are housed within the genre. From NASA’s lunar […]

Cy Twombly: The Essential Cy Twombly

A Giant: Cy Twombly

He mastered sculpture, painting, drawing as well as photography – here’s a fantastic survey on the diverse and singular practice of Cy Twombly. Perhaps best know for his gestural brushworks. A must-have in every home – really! Cy Twombly (1928–2011) was born in 1928 in Lexington, Virginia. He studied at the School of the Museum […]

Jesper Haynes: Shibuya Scramble

X Crossing: Jesper Haynes

Shibuya Scramble is one of the more hectic places in the world. Swedish-American fashion photographer Jesper Haynes has shot a series of black & white street photographs of women pedestrians making the Tokyo crossing. No faces but legs and shoes.   Jesper Haynes: Shibuya Scramble ISBN:    9786163610867 Publisher:    Pinkuneko Publishing Publ. year:    2014 Language:    English […]

Emmet Gowin - Photographs by Emmet Gowin

Human Nature – Photographs by Emmet Gowin

From intimate portraits to aerial photography. Emmet Gowin’s diverse body of work shifted throughout his career starting with personal family portraits moving to landscapes and documentation of environmental devastation caused by human exploitation. This book is an extensive retrospective. “What fascinates me the most is what man does in his friendship with nature in order […]

Monograph James Welling: Photographs by James Welling

Light & Colour – Photographs by James Welling

Working in the intersection between painting, sculpture and traditional photography, James Welling continues to challenge the photographic medium.   > MORE . Monograph James Welling: Photographs by James Welling Author:    James Crump Designed by:    Lorraine Wild, Amy Fortunato Interviewer:    Eva Respini Essays by:    Mark Godfrey, Thomas Seelig Publisher:    Aperture Publ. year:    2013 Language:    English Pages:    256 […]

With Tears in My Eyes by Thomas Schütte

With Tears in My Eyes by Thomas Schütte

Anders Wester has again managed to design an art book the way an art book should look and feel like. This time, it is a catalogue for Jarla Partilager’s Thomas Schütte collection.   > MORE . With Tears in My Eyes by Thomas Schütte Designed by:    Anders Wester Photographs by:    Mathias Johansson Publisher:    Jarla Partilager Publishing […]