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Olivier Zahm O.Z. Diary

Purple Haze – Olivier Zahm

A 700-page “Diary” of carefully selected and highly fashionable photos from Olivier’s natural habitat; the art and fashion worlds in New York, Tokyo and Paris. Celebs and a few beaches. Olivier Zahm is the founder and editor of the fashion magazine Purple. Olivier Zahm: O.Z. Diary Editor:    Gianni Oprandi Text by:    Glenn O’Brien, Jeff Rian […]

Norwegian Journal of Photography vol 1

A New Dawn: Norwegian Journal of Photography vol 1

Norwegian Journal of Photography is a platform to strengthen the position of documentary photography in Norway. Ten photographers are showcased in this first volume in a biannual series.    > MORE . Norwegian Journal of Photography vol 1 Editor:    Gösta Flemming Foreword by:    Rune Eraker, Laara Matsen, Espen Rasmussen Introduction by:    Alex Webb, Rebecca Norris Webb […]

Steinwerke und Kalköfen by Bernd & Hilla Becher

Stone Age: Bernd & Hilla Becher

Stones and minerals. The new Becher book showcases photographic and topological studies of industrial building dating from 1963, grouping them after stone type, region and building year.   > MORE . Steinwerke und Kalköfen by Bernd & Hilla Becher Text by:    Lothar Schirmer ISBN:    9783829605762 Publisher:    Schimer/Mosel Publ. year:    2013 Languages:    French, German Pages:    256 Illustrations:   […]

I Only Want You to Love Me by Miles Aldridge

Acid High – I Only Want You to Love Me by Miles Aldridge

Decadence, glamour and acid-high hues of colour. Add a touch of cinema – and there you go – got to be the work of British fashion photographer Miles Aldridge. “I Only Want You To Love Me” let’s you dwell into his creative world.  > MORE . I Only Want You to Love Me by Miles […]

File Room by Dyanita Singh

Paper, More Paper – File Room by Dyanita Singh

Indian photographer Dayanita Singh always intrigues us with her concrete yet poetic subject matters to explore. ”File Room”, a series shown at the last Venice Biennale, raises questions about history, memory, classification and organisation. > MORE . File Room by Dyanita Singh Text by:    Aveek Sen Interviewer:    Hans Ulrich Obrist ISBN:    9783869305424 Publisher:    Steidl Verlag […]

Retrospective / Retrospektive by Harry Callahan

Singular and Multifaceted – Harry Callahan’s Retrospective

Extreme contrast, collage, multiple and time exposures, camera motion, black & white and colour ––  Harry Callahan was one of the more experimentally curious photographers of the 20th century.  > MORE . Retrospective / Retrospektive by Harry Callahan Editors:    Dirk Luckow, Sabine Schnakenberg Text by:    Julian Cox, Peter MacGill, Dirk Luckow, et al ISBN:    9783868283587 […]

Still Life / Work Life - From the Hasselblad Foundation Collection 1

Arial Testimonies – by David Maisel

Beauty and despair. David Maisel has been observing – from a bird’s eye view – the environmental consequences on the landscape caused by modern practices like clearcutting and surface mining. > MORE . Black Maps: American Landscape and the Apocalyptic Sublime by David Maisel Editor:    Alan Rapp Designed by:    Aufuldish & Warinner Text by:    David […]