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Olivier Zahm O.Z. Diary

Purple Haze – Olivier Zahm

A 700-page “Diary” of carefully selected and highly fashionable photos from Olivier’s natural habitat; the art and fashion worlds in New York, Tokyo and Paris. Celebs and a few beaches. Olivier Zahm is the founder and editor of the fashion magazine Purple. Olivier Zahm: O.Z. Diary Editor:    Gianni Oprandi Text by:    Glenn O’Brien, Jeff Rian […]

Norwegian Journal of Photography vol 1

A New Dawn: Norwegian Journal of Photography vol 1

Norwegian Journal of Photography is a platform to strengthen the position of documentary photography in Norway. Ten photographers are showcased in this first volume in a biannual series.    > MORE . Norwegian Journal of Photography vol 1 Editor:    Gösta Flemming Foreword by:    Rune Eraker, Laara Matsen, Espen Rasmussen Introduction by:    Alex Webb, Rebecca Norris Webb […]

Steinwerke und Kalköfen by Bernd & Hilla Becher

Stone Age: Bernd & Hilla Becher

Stones and minerals. The new Becher book showcases photographic and topological studies of industrial building dating from 1963, grouping them after stone type, region and building year.   > MORE . Steinwerke und Kalköfen by Bernd & Hilla Becher Text by:    Lothar Schirmer ISBN:    9783829605762 Publisher:    Schimer/Mosel Publ. year:    2013 Languages:    French, German Pages:    256 Illustrations:   […]

I Only Want You to Love Me by Miles Aldridge

Acid High – I Only Want You to Love Me by Miles Aldridge

Decadence, glamour and acid-high hues of colour. Add a touch of cinema – and there you go – got to be the work of British fashion photographer Miles Aldridge. “I Only Want You To Love Me” let’s you dwell into his creative world.  > MORE . I Only Want You to Love Me by Miles […]

File Room by Dyanita Singh

Paper, More Paper – File Room by Dyanita Singh

Indian photographer Dayanita Singh always intrigues us with her concrete yet poetic subject matters to explore. ”File Room”, a series shown at the last Venice Biennale, raises questions about history, memory, classification and organisation. > MORE . File Room by Dyanita Singh Text by:    Aveek Sen Interviewer:    Hans Ulrich Obrist ISBN:    9783869305424 Publisher:    Steidl Verlag […]

Retrospective / Retrospektive by Harry Callahan

Singular and Multifaceted – Harry Callahan’s Retrospective

Extreme contrast, collage, multiple and time exposures, camera motion, black & white and colour ––  Harry Callahan was one of the more experimentally curious photographers of the 20th century.  > MORE . Retrospective / Retrospektive by Harry Callahan Editors:    Dirk Luckow, Sabine Schnakenberg Text by:    Julian Cox, Peter MacGill, Dirk Luckow, et al ISBN:    9783868283587 […]

Still Life / Work Life - From the Hasselblad Foundation Collection 1

Arial Testimonies – by David Maisel

Beauty and despair. David Maisel has been observing – from a bird’s eye view – the environmental consequences on the landscape caused by modern practices like clearcutting and surface mining. > MORE . Black Maps: American Landscape and the Apocalyptic Sublime by David Maisel Editor:    Alan Rapp Designed by:    Aufuldish & Warinner Text by:    David […]

Mike Brodie - A Period of Juvenile Prosperity

Mike Brodie – 
A Period of Juvenile Prosperity

Mike Brodie aka The Polaroid Kid started to document modern Hobos in 2004 using a Polaroid SX-70 (but all the images in this book are made with a 35 mm Nikon). He spent 4 years travelling on freight train around the US documenting the life he led.  Having seen these images online for a few […]

Ghost Light [signed] by Tova Mozard

Ghost Light by Tova Mozard

Don’t miss Tova Mozard’s new book, following her large exhibition in Stockholm. Exploring the intersection of the real and the created, Mozard’s work is alluring, stark and bemusing.  > MORE . Ghost Light [signed] by Tova Mozard Designed by:    Perniclas Bedow Foreword by:    Jennie Fahlström Interviewer:    Suzanne Osten Essays by:    Jörg Heiser Publisher:    Arena /SAK […]

Garry Winogrand

Street Photographer Garry Winogrand

Hooray! Finally an extensive look at master photographer Garry Winogrand’s large body of work. He had an exceptional eye for capturing American culture especially in the 1960s. > MORE . Garry Winogrand Editor:    Leo Rubinfien Text by:    Sarah Greenough, Susan Kismaric, Erin O’Toole, Tod Papageorge, Sandra Phillips Publisher:    Yale University Press Publ. year:    2013 Language:   […]