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Mira Schendel

Mira Schendel – Brazilian Modernism

Discover one of the greatest Latin American artists. This new catalogue accompanies large touring retrospective now showing at Tate Modern. > MORE Mira Schendel Editors:    Tanya Barson, Taisa Palhares ISBN:    9781849760904 Publisher:    Tate Publishing Publ. year:    2013 Language:    English Pages:    260 Illustrations:    265 colour Width x height:    210 x 270 (mm) Binding:    softcover Weight:    910 […]

Rene Magritte: The Mystery of the Ordinary, 1926-1938

Displacement: Rene Magritte

This new book and exhibition, ” The Mystery of the Ordinary”, is the first to focus solely on the breakthrough Surrealist years of René Magritte  – the period between 1926 to 1938. It is now showing at MoMA.  > MORE Rene Magritte: The Mystery of the Ordinary, 1926-1938 Editor:    Anne Umland Essays by:    Stephanie D’Alessandro, […]

Eva Hesse - 1965

Turning Point – Eva Hesse

1965 marked a turning point in Eva Hesse’s life and artistic practice. It was during a residency in Düsseldort that things started to change. This was the year she gave up painting for drawing and became a sculptor.  > MORE Eva Hesse – 1965 Editor:    Barry Rosen Text by:    Jo Applin, Todd Alden, Kirsten Swenson […]

Konst 1998-2012 - Johan Thurfjell

A personal review by Johan Thurfjell

In ”Konst 1998 -2012” Swedish artist Johan Thurfjell summarizes, with a very personal tone of voice, 14 years of his art production. The book is a little gem, produced in 300 numbered copies. > MORE . Konst 1998-2012 – Johan Thurfjell Designed by: Alphabetical Order Text by: Johan Thurfjell Preface by: Power Ekroth ISBN: 9789163730689 […]

Seeing Things Invisible by Forrest Bess

Seeing Things Invisible by Forrest Bess

Robert Gober: “Forrest Bess lived a life of profound poverty and solitude, working for most of his adult life as a seasonal bait fisherman in a series of camps and homes built from scavenged detritus on a tiny spit of a treeless island on Chinquapin Bay.” Primitive abstraction, maybe. At least Pre-Abstract Expressionism.  The art […]

Good Vibrations by Mary Heilmann

Colour Sense: Good Vibrations by Mary Heilmann

American painter Mary Heilmann is considered an artist’s artist. “Good Vibrations“ is the largest overview to date of her artistic career and accompanies a European touring retrospective.    > MORE . Good Vibrations by Mary Heilmann Authors:    Angelika Nollert, Paula van den Bosch Publisher:    Walther König Publ. year:    2012 Language:    English Pages:    236 Illustrations:    160 colour […]

All That I Learned and Then Forgot by Jockum Nordström

Story-Teller Jockum Nordström

A large selection of Jockum Nordström’s work is presently showing at LaM in Lille and will travel to Camden Art Centre in London this summer. Collage, drawings, paintings and sculpture.   > MORE . All That I Learned and Then Forgot by Jockum Nordström Designed by:    Kim Beirnaert Text by:    Marc Donnadieu, John Hutchinson Publisher:    Hatje […]