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Stephen Shore: Survey

American Surfaces

”Survey” is the catalogue of is the largest retrospective exhibition ever mounted of Stephen Shore’s work, spanning from the 60s until 2013 organized by Fundación Mapfre in Madrid. Shore’s importance in shaping the photography we see today cannot be underestitmated — his fascination with the aesthetic of amateur or ‘snapshot’ photography, his sensitivity to colour, […]

Polar Chill: Gerry Johansson

In 2001, through a grant from the Swedish Polar Research Secretariat, Gerry Johansson (b. 1945, Swedish) travelled to the inaccessible and distinct landscape of Antarctica on a research trip for two months. With him on the journey he had a large-format camera and his fearless curiosity. The series of photos eventuate in an unusual reality […]

William A Ewing: Landmark - The Fields of Landscape Photography

More Than Nature: Landmark

“Landmark” is an international survey on the vibrant, burgeoning field that is contemporary landscape photography (and environmental photography), featuring over 100 photographers. It is a great take on this field. Authored by William A. Ewing, the book explores the wide range of photographic practices and expressions that are housed within the genre. From NASA’s lunar […]

Guide till svensk landskapsarkitektur

Swedish Landscape Design

An invaluable guide to well-known but also hidden and forgotten gems – 200 gardens and urban projects by landscape architects. Spanning over 400 years, the guide also offers an overview of developments and cultural changes. The Text is only in Swedish. Let’s hope for an English-language edition in the near future. > MORE Guide till […]

Josef Koudelka: Wall

A Panoramic View by Josef Koudelka

Along the separation wall. ”Wall” is Magnum photographer Josef Koudelka’s compelling exploration along Israel’s West Bank barrier and how it has imprinted on the landscape. ”Wall” is part of a more comprehensive project that was initiated by French photographer Frédéric Brenner (who has tirelessly worked on issues around Jewish culture, community and identity). This project, […]

Emmet Gowin - Photographs by Emmet Gowin

Human Nature – Photographs by Emmet Gowin

From intimate portraits to aerial photography. Emmet Gowin’s diverse body of work shifted throughout his career starting with personal family portraits moving to landscapes and documentation of environmental devastation caused by human exploitation. This book is an extensive retrospective. “What fascinates me the most is what man does in his friendship with nature in order […]

Windscape by Bae Bien-U

Windscape – Bae Bien-U

Tamed by the wind: rocks, trees, shorelines, hill tops. The stunning art by Korean photographer Bae, Bien-U almost have a calliographic quality. ”Windscape” collects the best form the past 20 years.   > MORE . Windscape by Bae Bien-U Editor:    Wonkyung Byun Designed by:    Marc Noroska Text by:    Jeong-hee Lee-Kalisch Publisher:    Hatje Cantz Publishing year:    2012 […]

Memories & Recollections – Dan Isaac Wallin

“Steps on Snow, Dust on the Lips” is a stunning series of photographs by Dan Isaac Wallin published by Journal. It is a poetic journey into memories and recollections. > MORE Follow Dan Isaac Wallin on Facebook Steps on Snow, Dust on the Lips by Dan Isaac Wall Editor:    Gösta Flemming Text by:    Ulf Karl Olov […]

Gerry Johansson’s epic journey into the heart of Germany.

Gerry Johansson’s photography follows in the tradition of New Topographics. “Deutschland” is the last part of a trilogy he was worked on since the 1980s about place — about finding out about a place, a country and its history, culture and politics. Finally released! And we have a few signed copies! Gerry Johansson’s epic journey […]