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Raw Data - Infographic Designers' Sketchbooks by Steven Heller and Rick Landers

Inspirational – Steven Heller and Rick Landers

Infographics en masse: With over 700 illustrations and 73 designer profiles, the newly released book ”Raw Data” is filled to the brim with design ideas on the process of information design. A book on sketchbooks and more: ”Raw Data” is in a large format to a great price. It showcases a rich spectrum of examples […]

Kolla! 2013

Swedish Creativity: Kolla! 2013

The annual Kolla! Award has just been presented. This is the 2013 catalogue of nominees and winners. It also includes interviews with Henrik Nygren and Anna Kask among others. Kolla is Svenska Tecknare’s (the Association of Swedish illustrators and graphic designers) annual award. Kolla means Check it Out in English.  And you should do just […]

Pretty Pictures by Marian Bantjes

A Merger: Pretty Pictures by Marian Bantjes

Intricate and labour-intensive: Marian Bantjes fuses illustration with letterforms to create ornate and stunning graphics. She has collaborated with Pentagram, Bruce Mau and Sagmeister. ”Pretty Picture”s is arranged chronologically. It begins with a quick overview of Bantjes work as a book typesetter (1983–1993) and then as a graphic designer (1993–2003) with a splatter of thumbnails […]

Monograph - Jose Guadalupe Posada

Calaveras – Jose Guadalupe Posada

Sometimes called the founder of modern Mexican art, José Guadalupe Posada was engraver and illustrator. He was known for his political satire featuring skeletons (calaveras) addressing working-class issues.  > MORE . Monograph – Jose Guadalupe Posada Introduction by:    Frances Toor Essays by:    Diego Rivera ISBN:    9788415118473 Publisher:    RM Editorial Publ. year:    2013 Language:    English Pages:   […]