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Thomas Ruff: Zeitungsfotos / Newspaper Photographs

Thomas Ruff: Image, Context & Re-Photography

In 1981 Thomas Ruff started collecting images from newspapers and weeklies. By 1991 he had created an archive with over 2500 clippings. In this new book he has selected 400 re-photographed images from his archive. > MORE Thomas Ruff: Zeitungsfotos / Newspaper Photographs Editor:    Thomas Ruff ISBN:    9783952339152 Publisher:    Bookhorse Publ. year:    2014 Language:    English […]

Erik Spiekermann: Hello, I am Erik

Mr Spiekermann!

The creator of FontFont Meta and Officina, the founder of FontShop and MetaDesign, and the best know German in the world of type and graphics. His name is Erik Speikermann and this is his book. When Erik Spiekermann founded FontShop International with his wife Joan and Neville Brody, he helped establish the internet as a […]

Neubau: Forst Catalogue - Urban Tree Collection for the Modern Architect & Designer

Mapping Berlin’s Trees

Neubau’s forst (forest) catalogue is the conclusion of a congenial project by the Berlin-based design firm. They set out to document all trees in an area of Berlin and to create a digitial archive (Neubau Forst Archive). The actual archive contains 315 HD-bitmap tree masks, 327 HD-bitmap tree modules, 40 HD vector trees, 72 illustrations […]

Michael Schmidt: Natur

Deconstruction: Michael Schmidt

This summer release from Mack Books is a sharp, tight series by Michael Schmidt. If there was something called ‘pure photography’, it would Schmidt’s. Sadly, he passed away in May this year – far, far too early. > MORE Michael Schmidt: Natur ISBN:    9781907946585 Publisher:    Mack Books Publ. year:    2014 Language:    English Pages:    104 Illustrations:   […]

Ludwig Mies van der Rohe: The Built Work

Not just any book on Mies

The number one book on Mies van der Rohe for architects – by far . This essential and comprehensive monograph is a masterpiece in itself: Author Carsten Krohn has photographed all buildings and redrawn every plan and drawing, creating a magnificent documentation. He reconstructs the buildings in their original state, examines them from the present […]

Peter Bialobrzeski: Nail Houses Or the Destruction of Lower Shanghai

Holdout Architecture: Bialobrzeski

The expansive urban development in China sometimes runs into obstacles. In “Nail Houses” German photographer Peter Bialobrzeski documents civic refusals that add interesting features to the towering Shanghai skyline. > MORE Peter Bialobrzeski: Nail Houses Or the Destruction of Lower Shanghai Designed by:    Andrea Rauschenbusch Text by:    Stefanie Gommel ISBN:    9783775738293 Publisher:    Hatje Cantz Publ. […]

Eva Hesse: One More than One

Productive Years: Eva Hesse

In the mid-1960s Eva Hesse began experimenting with new materials that had never before been used to produce art objects; these included polyester, fiberglass and latex. > MORE Eva Hesse: One More than One Editors:    Brigitte Kölle, Petra Roettig Designed by:    Adeline Morlon Text by:    Marcia Begleiter, Tom Doyle, Helen Hesse Charash, Brigitte Kölle, Lucy […]