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Mira Schendel

Mira Schendel – Brazilian Modernism

Discover one of the greatest Latin American artists. This new catalogue accompanies large touring retrospective now showing at Tate Modern. > MORE Mira Schendel Editors:    Tanya Barson, Taisa Palhares ISBN:    9781849760904 Publisher:    Tate Publishing Publ. year:    2013 Language:    English Pages:    260 Illustrations:    265 colour Width x height:    210 x 270 (mm) Binding:    softcover Weight:    910 […]

Eva Hesse: One More than One

Productive Years: Eva Hesse

In the mid-1960s Eva Hesse began experimenting with new materials that had never before been used to produce art objects; these included polyester, fiberglass and latex. > MORE Eva Hesse: One More than One Editors:    Brigitte Kölle, Petra Roettig Designed by:    Adeline Morlon Text by:    Marcia Begleiter, Tom Doyle, Helen Hesse Charash, Brigitte Kölle, Lucy […]

Lorna Simpson - Works on Paper

Lorna Simpson – Works on Paper

New drawings and collages. This book highlights a recent body of work by Lorna Simpson that explores the complex relationship between the photographic archive and processes of self-fashioning. > MORE Lorna Simpson – Works on Paper Text by:    Hilton Als, Connie Butler, Franklin Sirmans, Heidi Zuckerman Jacobson, Anna Deveare Smith ISBN:    9780934324632 Publisher:    Aspen Art […]

Mike Kelley

Anti-Establishment – Mike Kelley

Mixing darkness with off-the-wall humor. This book accompanies the largest Mike Kelley exhibition to-date, which tours Stedelijk Museum, Centre Pompidou, MoMA PS1, (where it is showing now), and MOCA Los Angeles.   > MORE Mike Kelley Editor:    Eva Meyer-Hermann Text by:    George Baker, Eva Meyer-Hermann, Brendan W Joseph, John C Welchman ISBN:    9783791352411 Publisher:    DelMonico Publ. […]

Chris Martin: Drawings

Chris Martin: Drawings

Between outsider art and formalism. American artist Chris Martin’s drawings in an extensive compilation presented chronologically and published by Picture Box. Wow, so good! > MORE Chris Martin: Drawings Editor:    Dan Nadel Essays by:    Peter Lamborn Wilson ISBN:    9780985159580 Publisher:    PictureBox Publ. year:    2013 Language:    English Pages:    624 Illustrations:    350 colour Width x height:    216 […]

Eva Hesse - 1965

Turning Point – Eva Hesse

1965 marked a turning point in Eva Hesse’s life and artistic practice. It was during a residency in Düsseldort that things started to change. This was the year she gave up painting for drawing and became a sculptor.  > MORE Eva Hesse – 1965 Editor:    Barry Rosen Text by:    Jo Applin, Todd Alden, Kirsten Swenson […]

A Retrospective by James Turrell

50 Years of Light – James Turrell

LACMA is now showing a grand retrospective on James Turrell, a key artist in Southern California Light and Space movement. Geometric light projections, prints and drawings, sensory and his recent two-dimensional work with holograms. > MORE A Retrospective by James Turrell Editors:    Michael Govan, Christine Y. Kim Photographs by:    Florian Holzherr Text by:    EC Krupp, […]

All That I Learned and Then Forgot by Jockum Nordström

Story-Teller Jockum Nordström

A large selection of Jockum Nordström’s work is presently showing at LaM in Lille and will travel to Camden Art Centre in London this summer. Collage, drawings, paintings and sculpture.   > MORE . All That I Learned and Then Forgot by Jockum Nordström Designed by:    Kim Beirnaert Text by:    Marc Donnadieu, John Hutchinson Publisher:    Hatje […]

With Tears in My Eyes by Thomas Schütte

With Tears in My Eyes by Thomas Schütte

Anders Wester has again managed to design an art book the way an art book should look and feel like. This time, it is a catalogue for Jarla Partilager’s Thomas Schütte collection.   > MORE . With Tears in My Eyes by Thomas Schütte Designed by:    Anders Wester Photographs by:    Mathias Johansson Publisher:    Jarla Partilager Publishing […]

Romeu, 'my deer' by Berlinde de Bruyckere

Fleshy Notations – Berlinde de Bruyckere

A dancer, a deer, wax, epoxy, iron and a fairy tale: these are some of the components in Berlinde de Bruyckere’s new artists’ book.  > MORE . Romeu, ‘my deer’ by Berlinde de Bruyckere Designed by:    Casier/Fieuws, Berlinde de Bruyckere Photographs by:    Mirjam Devriendt Text by:    Caroline Lamarche Publisher:    Skira Publishing year:    2012 Language:    English […]