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Mira Schendel

Mira Schendel – Brazilian Modernism

Discover one of the greatest Latin American artists. This new catalogue accompanies large touring retrospective now showing at Tate Modern. > MORE Mira Schendel Editors:    Tanya Barson, Taisa Palhares ISBN:    9781849760904 Publisher:    Tate Publishing Publ. year:    2013 Language:    English Pages:    260 Illustrations:    265 colour Width x height:    210 x 270 (mm) Binding:    softcover Weight:    910 […]

Eva Hesse: One More than One

Productive Years: Eva Hesse

In the mid-1960s Eva Hesse began experimenting with new materials that had never before been used to produce art objects; these included polyester, fiberglass and latex. > MORE Eva Hesse: One More than One Editors:    Brigitte Kölle, Petra Roettig Designed by:    Adeline Morlon Text by:    Marcia Begleiter, Tom Doyle, Helen Hesse Charash, Brigitte Kölle, Lucy […]

Lorna Simpson - Works on Paper

Lorna Simpson – Works on Paper

New drawings and collages. This book highlights a recent body of work by Lorna Simpson that explores the complex relationship between the photographic archive and processes of self-fashioning. > MORE Lorna Simpson – Works on Paper Text by:    Hilton Als, Connie Butler, Franklin Sirmans, Heidi Zuckerman Jacobson, Anna Deveare Smith ISBN:    9780934324632 Publisher:    Aspen Art […]

Mike Kelley

Anti-Establishment – Mike Kelley

Mixing darkness with off-the-wall humor. This book accompanies the largest Mike Kelley exhibition to-date, which tours Stedelijk Museum, Centre Pompidou, MoMA PS1, (where it is showing now), and MOCA Los Angeles.   > MORE Mike Kelley Editor:    Eva Meyer-Hermann Text by:    George Baker, Eva Meyer-Hermann, Brendan W Joseph, John C Welchman ISBN:    9783791352411 Publisher:    DelMonico Publ. […]

Chris Martin: Drawings

Chris Martin: Drawings

Between outsider art and formalism. American artist Chris Martin’s drawings in an extensive compilation presented chronologically and published by Picture Box. Wow, so good! > MORE Chris Martin: Drawings Editor:    Dan Nadel Essays by:    Peter Lamborn Wilson ISBN:    9780985159580 Publisher:    PictureBox Publ. year:    2013 Language:    English Pages:    624 Illustrations:    350 colour Width x height:    216 […]

Eva Hesse - 1965

Turning Point – Eva Hesse

1965 marked a turning point in Eva Hesse’s life and artistic practice. It was during a residency in Düsseldort that things started to change. This was the year she gave up painting for drawing and became a sculptor.  > MORE Eva Hesse – 1965 Editor:    Barry Rosen Text by:    Jo Applin, Todd Alden, Kirsten Swenson […]

A Retrospective by James Turrell

50 Years of Light – James Turrell

LACMA is now showing a grand retrospective on James Turrell, a key artist in Southern California Light and Space movement. Geometric light projections, prints and drawings, sensory and his recent two-dimensional work with holograms. > MORE A Retrospective by James Turrell Editors:    Michael Govan, Christine Y. Kim Photographs by:    Florian Holzherr Text by:    EC Krupp, […]