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Duncan Campbell and Charlotte Rey: The Craft and the Makers - Tradition with Attitude

Small Scale & Handmade: The Craft and the Makers

From fashion to product design: “The Craft and the Makers ” looks at the new generation of craft-makers from around the world. A savvy selection, clearly branded Gestalten. The Craft and the Makers showcases savvy businesses that are choosing to focus on craftsmanship and aiming to create things with a soul. A decisive role is […]

EP vol 1: The Italian Avant-Garde 1968-1976

Neo-Modernism, They Said

Moving between rationalist modernism and Bauhaus, the Italian avant-garde refused to say that there was only one narrow road. A labyrinthine pattern of thought took them forwards and backwards; turning around and coming back. “EP vol 1” is designed by fab studio Experimental Jetset. > MORE . EP vol 1: The Italian Avant-Garde 1968-1976  Features:   […]

Stockholm New - The Book

Stockholm New – The Book

Back in the days, Sweden wasn’t very cool.  But then came Stockholm New and changed all that.  As an image-driven style magazine not afraid to tackle hard-core art, design and architecture, it became a forerunner to magazines like Wallpaper. In 1993 Sweden – and Scandinavia – became cool. ”Stockholm New – The Book” contains not […]