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Trine Søndergaard: Stasis

Stillness and Light: Trine Sondergaards “Stasis”

One of the great contemporary Nordic artist is Trine Søndergaard. The new book “Stasis” includes three recent bodies of work from the past 5 years: “Strude” “Guldnakke” and “Interiors”. All three series play with time – setting the works in 19th Danish culture as well as in present time. “Stasis” also accompanies an exhibition at […]

Mirjam Gelfer-Jørgensen: Influences from Japan In Danish Art & Design 1870-2010

Japonisme – Mirjam Gelfer-Jørgensen

A new excellent book from Arkitektens forlag explores the influences from Japan that have played an important part in the development of modern Danish design and art. Written by Mirjam Gelfer-Jørgensen, dr.phil., who is one of Denmark’s leading researchers in Applied Art and Design. After many years as Chief Librarian and Deputy Director of the […]

Absolute Perfection by Peter Land

Absolute Failure – Absolute Perfection by Peter Land

What is it to be a man? A mid-career look at Danish artist Peter Land, whose work often centers around the male figure and his failing ability to cope with the chores of everyday life. Absurd, somewhat dark and humouristic.  > MORE . Absolute Perfection by Peter Land Editors:    Claudia Emmert, Oliver Zybok Designed by:   […]