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Paul Rand: A Designer's Eye

Paul Rand: Tasteful Ephemera

A beautiful collection of packaging in all shapes; custers, boxes, labels, wraps & scraps, bits and pieces. Inspiration for the trained eye – or for those whithout no clue or means at all. It’s all up to you! Now, remember, one of the most tasteful eyes made it all obvious to us:  JP Williams’! “Paul […]

Stephen Shore: Survey

American Surfaces

”Survey” is the catalogue of is the largest retrospective exhibition ever mounted of Stephen Shore’s work, spanning from the 60s until 2013 organized by Fundación Mapfre in Madrid. Shore’s importance in shaping the photography we see today cannot be underestitmated — his fascination with the aesthetic of amateur or ‘snapshot’ photography, his sensitivity to colour, […]

Larry Sultan: Here and Home

American Suburbia: Larry Sultan

”Here and Home” is a retrospective of Larry Sultan, including his early collaborative works, like ”Evidence” (1977) with Mike Mandel to the later that examined family, home and suburbia like in ”The Valley” (1998–2003). > MORE ”Here and Home” is showing at LACMA in Los Angeles until March 2015. Larry Sultan: Here and Home Author:   […]

Paul Strand: Master of Modern Photography

Modernist Photographer: Paul Strand

American photographer and filmmaker Paul Strand (1890–1976) is critical figure in the history of modern art, whose archive of nearly 4,000 prints stands as a cornerstone of the collection of Philiadelphia Museum of Art. This new book, ” Master of Modern Photography”, accompanying the museum’s retrospective, includes over 300 of Strand’s finest prints, selected primarily […]

Nicholas Nixon: The Brown Sisters - Forty Years

The Brown Sisters

Family love. Nicholas Nixon’s seminal portrait series of the sisters continues to touch us. This annual series is now 40 years and we follow the changes – maturity and aging process – and keep imagining the relationships between the sisters. > MORE Nicholas Nixon: The Brown Sisters  – Forty Years Afterword by:    Sarah Hermanson Meister […]

Florine Stettheimer

Dreamy and Posturing: Florine Stettheimer

Fashionable, eccentric, multi-artistic and a poet to boot: Florine Stettheimer was an early modernist painter and set designer. Her works were highly idiosyncratic and portrayed urban life. Although during Florine Stettheimer’s lifetime she was little known outside the circle of New York modernists of which she and her sisters were a part, Stettheimer’s achievements in […]

Cy Twombly: The Essential Cy Twombly

A Giant: Cy Twombly

He mastered sculpture, painting, drawing as well as photography – here’s a fantastic survey on the diverse and singular practice of Cy Twombly. Perhaps best know for his gestural brushworks. A must-have in every home – really! Cy Twombly (1928–2011) was born in 1928 in Lexington, Virginia. He studied at the School of the Museum […]

Gail Albert Halaban: Paris Views

Paris Staged And Viewed: Gail Albert Halaban

What pleasure for the eye and mind! This absolutely divine series by American photographer Gail Albert Halaban goes beyond the art of looking. She has carefully staged tableaux of ordinary life in Paris. We get a peek and wonder. It’s dramatic, cinematic and beautifully composed. Impressive! Gail Albert Halaban (born in Washington, D.C., 1970) received […]

Jason Vaughn: Hide

Permanence vs impermance: Jason Vaughn

Jason Vaughn’s series on deer stands began as a commentary on Wisconsin’s hunting tradition. These built structures in nature where hunters loom. But Jason Vaughn was diagnosed with leukemia and the project took on a more personal meaning. “Hide” is not a project about violence and blood-stained clothing, but rather a project about family, traditions, […]

Abbott Miller: Design and Content

Mr. Abbott Miller: 2wice

The performing arts magazine “2wice” was a sigh of relief when it came. Experimental and readable – which was rare in the 90s. Pentagram partner Abbott Miller is one of the greats and this book, “Design and Content”, will show you why. Enjoy! Design and Content is a 272-page compendium of Abbott Miller’s design and […]