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Neo-Geo (New Geometry): Amy L. Brandt

Amy L. Brandt tracks the development of neoconceptual art across the 1980s — a movement called ‘neo-geo’ that included artists like Ashley Bickerton, Peter Halley, Sherrie Levine, Allan McCollum, Philip Taaffe and Jeff Koons. > MORE Amy L Brandt: Interplay – Neoconceptual Art of the 1980s Author:    Amy L Brandt ISBN:    9780262027533 Publisher:    MIT Press […]

Studio Talks Thinking Through Painting

Studio Talks

Contemporary painting theory will not make better paintings, one of the particpants says, but it will help discussions about paintings among the painters. By creating a common language it might even help the non-painters to understand the medium. “Studio Talks” explores new narratives. Through commissioned texts, conversations and studio visits: This new volume is an […]


A multivocal critique that emphasizes the crucial role of artists in questioning and shaping the phenomenon of the exhibition . “Exhibition” is one of the series , “Documents of Contemporary Art” from Whitechapel documenting major themes and ideas in contemporary art. Artists surveyed include Rasheed Araeen, Art & Language, AA Bronson, Daniel Buren, Graciela Carnevale, […]


Lust for Art?

Is the production of works of art fundamentally driven by sexual desire? This new volume in the brilliant series from Whitechapel, “Documents of Contemporary Art”, traces the identification of art with sexual expression or repression, from the era of the rights movements to the present. Artists surveyed include Vito Acconci, Assume Vivid Astro Focus, Lynda […]

Place and Displacement: Exhibiting Architecture

Exhibiting Architecture

All Architecture is by nature exhibitionistic, on display all the Time. Architectural exhibitions are, however, despite of and because of their temporary status, a forum for suggestions and thought. Here an exploration of the ambiguous qualities of architecture, a subject considered from every angle. Place and Displacement: Exhibiting Architecture is a three-year cross-disciplinary and international […]

Judith Donath: The Social Machine - Designs for Living Online

How To Live Online: Judith Donath

Judith Donath’s new book “The Social Machine” is a manifesto for balancing legibility, social responsibility and innovation — and a manual for designing radically new environments for social interaction and communication. Online, interface designs fashion people’s appearance, shape their communication and influence their behavior. Can we see another’s face or do we know each other […]

Justin McGuirk Radical Cities Across Latin America in Search of a New Architecture

Social Urbanism: Justin McGuirk

London-based design critic Justin McGuirk traveled to South America to research a book about social architecture. Through a series of travelogues laced with detailed architectural analysis, ”Radical Cities” explores key social housing experiments from the 1960s and ’70s and sets them against the methods being used today by activist architects such as Alejandro Aravena in […]

Hans Ulrich Obrist

More writings by Hans Ulrich Obrist. This new collection of key texts from the past 20 years that includes elaborations on what influences his curatorial practice. > MORE Hans Ulrich Obrist: Sharp Tongues, Loose Lips, Open Eyes, Ears to the Ground Editor: April Lamm Author: Hans Ulrich Obrist Designed by: Zak Group Afterword by: Etel […]

Scandalous: A Reader on Art and Ethics

Scandalous: A Reader on Art and Ethics

How do we talk about genocide and mass murder? That is one the questions examined in this new anthology on art and ethics edited by German critic, writer and curator Nina Möntmann. She writes in her introduction: In acknowleding and investigating the urgent role of ethics in society and art today, we do so against […]

Time - Documents of Contemporary Art

Déjà Vu – Documents of Contemporary Art

How can we extricate ourselves and discover alternative possibilities of experiencing time? What other models can be utilized? What is temporality? This new anthology contextualizes contemporary art and theory that proposes alternatives to non-linear models of time. > MORE Time – Documents of Contemporary Art Editor:    Amelia Groom ISBN:    9780262519663 Publisher:    MIT Press/Whitechapel Publ. year:   […]