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Nicholas Nixon: The Brown Sisters - Forty Years

The Brown Sisters

Family love. Nicholas Nixon’s seminal portrait series of the sisters continues to touch us. This annual series is now 40 years and we follow the changes – maturity and aging process – and keep imagining the relationships between the sisters. > MORE Nicholas Nixon: The Brown Sisters  – Forty Years Afterword by:    Sarah Hermanson Meister […]

Polar Chill: Gerry Johansson

In 2001, through a grant from the Swedish Polar Research Secretariat, Gerry Johansson (b. 1945, Swedish) travelled to the inaccessible and distinct landscape of Antarctica on a research trip for two months. With him on the journey he had a large-format camera and his fearless curiosity. The series of photos eventuate in an unusual reality […]

Anton Renborg: 
Notices de la Corse

Summer breeze: Anton Renborg

Anton Renborg’s Corsican journey captures your heart. Lyrical and musical. We can only be in awe of this absolutely stunning production – book-wise and photography-wise. > MORE Anton Renborg: 
Notices de la Corse Designed by:    Jesper Örtegren Text by:    Natacha Wolinski ISBN:    9782350463179 Publisher:    Filigranes Publ. year:    2014 Languages:    English, French Pages:    64 Illustrations:    35 […]

Michael Schmidt: Natur

Deconstruction: Michael Schmidt

This summer release from Mack Books is a sharp, tight series by Michael Schmidt. If there was something called ‘pure photography’, it would Schmidt’s. Sadly, he passed away in May this year – far, far too early. > MORE Michael Schmidt: Natur ISBN:    9781907946585 Publisher:    Mack Books Publ. year:    2014 Language:    English Pages:    104 Illustrations:   […]

William A Ewing: Landmark - The Fields of Landscape Photography

More Than Nature: Landmark

“Landmark” is an international survey on the vibrant, burgeoning field that is contemporary landscape photography (and environmental photography), featuring over 100 photographers. It is a great take on this field. Authored by William A. Ewing, the book explores the wide range of photographic practices and expressions that are housed within the genre. From NASA’s lunar […]

Jesper Haynes: Shibuya Scramble

X Crossing: Jesper Haynes

Shibuya Scramble is one of the more hectic places in the world. Swedish-American fashion photographer Jesper Haynes has shot a series of black & white street photographs of women pedestrians making the Tokyo crossing. No faces but legs and shoes.   Jesper Haynes: Shibuya Scramble ISBN:    9786163610867 Publisher:    Pinkuneko Publishing Publ. year:    2014 Language:    English […]

Gail Albert Halaban: Paris Views

Paris Staged And Viewed: Gail Albert Halaban

What pleasure for the eye and mind! This absolutely divine series by American photographer Gail Albert Halaban goes beyond the art of looking. She has carefully staged tableaux of ordinary life in Paris. We get a peek and wonder. It’s dramatic, cinematic and beautifully composed. Impressive! Gail Albert Halaban (born in Washington, D.C., 1970) received […]