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Sigurd Lewerentz, Architect: 1885-1975


The prominent Swedish architect and undisputed genius of sacred architecture through his 3 Swedish churches – St Petri, St Marcus, and Chapel of Resurrection – is once again celebrated by a reprint of an indepth study. This seminal book of Sigurd Lewerentz written by Janne Ahlin was first published in 1985 by Byggförlaget. > MORE Sigurd […]

Lina Bo Bardi 100 - Brazil's Alternative Path to Modernism

Architettura Povera

Celebrating the 100th birthday of one the great architects of the 20th century, this new extensive monograph on Lina Bo Bardi and her achievements as a forerunner of community driven architecture. > MORE Lina Bo Bardi 100 – Brazil’s Alternative Path to Modernism Designed by:    Gerlach Gerlach Photographs by:    Markus Lanz, et al Text by:   […]

K2S Architects: Beyond the Wall of Sound

K2S Architects

“The happiest moment of a dedicated teacher”, writes Juhani Pallasmaa in his text about the Finnish office K2S, “arise from seeing one’s former students succeed.” From converting docked icebreakers into a headquarter to stunning wooden chapel in the heart of Helsinki, the young Finnish office of K2S Architects is proving to be a creative force […]

Ludwig Mies van der Rohe: The Built Work

Not just any book on Mies

The number one book on Mies van der Rohe for architects – by far . This essential and comprehensive monograph is a masterpiece in itself: Author Carsten Krohn has photographed all buildings and redrawn every plan and drawing, creating a magnificent documentation. He reconstructs the buildings in their original state, examines them from the present […]

David Chipperfield Architects

Architecture According to Chipperfield

The Chipperfield practice is driven by a consistent philosophical approach, not a predetermined house style, to produces buildings connected to context and function. This new book includes 45 buildings selected by the man himself. > MORE David Chipperfield Architects Features:    River and Rowing Museum, Neues Museum Berlin, BBC Scotland, The Hepworth Wakefield, Turner Contemporary Margate, […]

Teresa Moller: Unveiling the Landscape

A Sense of Place – Teresa Moller: Unveiling the Landscape

The variety of the Chilean landscape has formed Teresa Moller’s unique design approach. It’s a careful and respectful study of the environment to protect each site and its native flora. A stunning large-size book unveiling seven brilliant projects! > MORE Teresa Moller: Unveiling the Landscape Editor:    Claudia Pertuze Designed by:    Chloe Humphreys, Puro Chile Photographs […]

Louis Kahn: The Houses of Louis Kahn

A Sense of Home: The Houses of Louis Kahn

For the first time, here’s a study of 9 of Kahn’s most important houses. Unpublished material and visual proof of the architect’s admiration for vernacular American architecture. A gem! > MORE Louis Kahn: The Houses of Louis Kahn Authors:    George H. Marcus, William Whitaker Photographs by:    Matt Wargo, Rene Burri, Ezra Stoller, among others ISBN:   […]

Cecil Balmond: Crossover

Idea + Substance > Pattern (Cecil Balmond)

Cecil Balmond’s new book “Crossover” begins where “Informal” ends: Learn how a multitude of ideas negotiate with the limits of production. Avoid categories and compartments – complexity cannot be reduced, it must be embraced. This newest book outlines more than a dozen international projects: bridges, towers, pavilions, and sculptures that embody the notion of crossover, […]

Smiljan Radic - El Croquis 167

A Thing of Such Beauty – Smiljan Radic

He is perhaps the most exciting architect today. Smiljan Radic belongs the first generation of Chilean architects to have global presence.  Delicate and detailed – A perfect blend of visual appeal with intellectual vigor, that’s Radic. > MORE Smiljan Radic – El Croquis 167 Text by:    Alejandro G Crispiani Interviewer:    Enrique Walker ISBN:    9788488386762 Publisher:   […]

Complete Works by Kengo Kuma

Recovery: Complete Works by Kengo Kuma

Kengo Kuma often speaks about recovery; the recovery of place, of traditions. His works and projects illuminate how the respect for values can be merged into an architecture for the 21st century.    > MORE . Complete Works by Kengo Kuma Essays by:    Kenneth Frampton Publisher:    Thames & Hudson Publ. year:    2013 Language:    English Pages:    320 […]