Access to resource: A Plea for Informality

This volume, a research project, offers new ways of looking at contemporary urban transformation. Planning for a sustainable future means that change and uncertainty have to be incorporated in the actual process of planning, rather than meeting challenges with wholesale redevelopment.

This book comes to you from Resources. Resources is an advanced academic programme at the Royal Institute of Art  (KKH) in Stockholm devoted to exploring the dynamics of urban change and trans formations in a time of high uncertainty.  It has been running as an interdisciplinary research space at KKH since 2005. Since then, twenty applicants have entered the Resources programme annually to participate in a year-long study of a specific urban environment. Each new group sets the particular ‘tone of voice’ for the coming study.  Arriving at KKH from diverse backgrounds, those joining Resources have one characteristic in common: an acute interest in urban futures and in the lives of urban citizens – their rights, their dreams and desires about possible urban environments.  Participants come with an anxiety about the global challenges we are facing. They are young professionals – architects, artists, planners, designers, engineers, filmmakers and photographers – concerned about climate change, the depletion of natural resources and with the growth of cities as it is taking place today. > MORE

Access to Resources: An Urban Agenda
Editor:    Henrietta Palmer
ISBN:    9783887784195
Publisher:    Spurbuchverlag
Publ. year:    2014
Language:    English
Pages:    380
Illustrations:    in colour & b/w
Width x height:    215 x 280 (mm)
Binding:    softcover
Weight:    1440 g

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