Paul Rand: Tasteful Ephemera

A beautiful collection of packaging in all shapes; custers, boxes, labels, wraps & scraps, bits and pieces. Inspiration for the trained eye – or for those whithout no clue or means at all. It’s all up to you! Now, remember, one of the most tasteful eyes made it all obvious to us:  JP Williams’!

“Paul Rand: A Designer’s Eye” is printed in a limited to 1000 numbered copies and has two cover colours: blue and grey. > MORE

Paul Rand: A Designer’s Eye
Author:    JP Williams
Photographs by:    Grant Peterson
ISBN:    9780990917403
Publisher:    WMS & Co
Publ. year:    2014
Language:    English
Pages:    108
Illustrations:    in colour
Width x height:    160 x 245 (mm)
Binding:    hardcover
Weight:    400 g
Edition:    Limited to 1000 numbered copies, two cover color: blue and grey

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