Staging Emotions and Domestic Bliss

Atmospheric is one good word to describe Dutch photographer Erwin Olaf’s scenic photography. Domesticity, melancholia, emotions, class, sex, culture and race are themes explored in his work. > MORE

Erwin Olaf – Volume II
Features:    Fall-serie (2008), Dawn-series (2009), Hotel-series (2010), Keyhole-series (2010), Berlin-series (2012)
Essays by:    Frances Hodgson
ISBN:    9781597112987
Publisher:    Aperture
Publ. year:    2014
Language:    English
Pages:    112
Illustrations:    75 colour
Width x height:    259 x 333 (mm)
Binding:    hardcover
Weight:    1270 g

Vogue Masters- Erwin OlafVogue interview with Olaf on YouTube


Other book in print:

Erwin Olaf Own Works 1984-2012 Erwin Olaf: Own Works 1984-2012

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