Modernist Photographer: Paul Strand

American photographer and filmmaker Paul Strand (1890–1976) is critical figure in the history of modern art, whose archive of nearly 4,000 prints stands as a cornerstone of the collection of Philiadelphia Museum of Art.

This new book, ” Master of Modern Photography”, accompanying the museum’s retrospective, includes over 300 of Strand’s finest prints, selected primarily from the Museum’s holdings, with important early prints from public and private collections. The wide range of imagery highlights how Strand radically changed his work at several key moments in an effort to identify photography’s pivotal role as a means of understanding and describing the modern world. > MORE

Paul Strand: Master of Modern Photography
Text by:    Peter Barberie, Karen Beckman, Amanda N. Bock, Antonella Pellizzari
ISBN:    9780300207927
Publisher:    Yale University Press
Publ. year:    2014
Language:    English
Pages:    372
Illustrations:    323 colour, 31 b/w
Width x height:    313 x 338 (mm)
Binding:    hardcover
Weight:    3520 g


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