Exhibiting Architecture

All Architecture is by nature exhibitionistic, on display all the Time. Architectural exhibitions are, however, despite of and because of their temporary status, a forum for suggestions and thought. Here an exploration of the ambiguous qualities of architecture, a subject considered from every angle.

Place and Displacement: Exhibiting Architecture is a three-year cross-disciplinary and international research project based at the Oslo Centre for Critical Architecture Studies at the Oslo School of Architecture and Design. > MORE

Place and Displacement: Exhibiting Architecture
Editors:    Thordis Arrhenius, Mari Lending, Wallis Miller, Jéremie Michael McGowan
Essays by:    Barry Bergdoll, Daniel Birnbaum, Sven-Olof Wallenstein, Wallis Miller, Mari Lending, Adam Lowe, Lothar Diem, et al
ISBN:    9783037784167
Publisher:    Lars Müller Verlag
Publ. year:    2014
Language:    English
Pages:    256
Illustrations:    ca 60


More Information:

OCCAS: The Oslo Center for Critical Architectural Studies: http://occas.aho.no/projects/place-and-displacement-exhibiting-architecture/


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