Touching Earth Lightly

40 projects that show us how to find lightweight solutions for residential architecture that are not only beautiful but have ecological sensibility, stylistic unobtrusiveness and minimal impact on our environment.

The projects in “Superlight” combine two strands of thinking: that buildings can weigh less and have minimal impact on their environments, and that this lightness–visual, material, ecological–can create beautiful, ethereal houses that offer new, natural modes of habitation and greater communion with our surroundings. > MORE

Phyllis Richardson: Superlight – Lightness in Contemporary Houses

Features:    Floating House by MOS Architects, Summer House by Mats Fahlander, Port-a-Beach by AtelierWorkshop, Pilotis in a Forest by Go Hasegawa, Casa Garoza by Herreros Arquitectos, House NA by Sou Fujimoto, Swamp Hut by Moskow Linn, Apelle by Marco Casagrande, Squish Studio by Todd Saunders, among others
Author:    Phyllis Richardson
ISBN:    9780500342961
Publisher:    Thames & Hudson
Publ. year:    2014
Language:    English
Pages:    256
Illustrations:    320 colour, 80 b/w
Width x height:    200 x 250 (mm)
Binding:    hardcover
Weight:    910 g

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