Beating Conformity: Katharina Roters

The Hungarian cube gets a makeover. Transforming family homes of the postwar communist era by hand-made interventions has been away for people to subvert the collective domination in Hungary.

The “Magyar Kocka”, or Hungarian Cube, is a standardized type of residential house in Hungary that dates back to the 1920s. It was designed as a radically functional single-family home for Budapest’s suburbs and housing projects, but it became closely identified with the postwar communist era, when many villages were rebuilt with uniform rows of single-family homes, and the Hungarian Cube—often renamed the “Kádár Kocka”, after Hungary’s communist president, János Kádár—became ubiquitous. >MORE

Katharina Roters: Hungarian Cubes – Subversive Ornaments in Socialism
Text by: Hannes Böhringer, Endre Prakfalvi, Jozsef Szolnoki, Zsolt Szijarto
ISBN: 9783906027432
Publisher: Park Books
Publ. year: 2014
Languages: English, German
Pages: 172
Illustrations: 123 colour


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