Unsettling: Trouve – I Tempi Doppi

The works of Paris-based artist Tatiana Trouvé are unnerving and create haunting situations that oscillate between the real, the imaginary and the illusory. In her art rational and irrational spheres connect.

“I Tempi Doppi” is a large-scale presentation of her invariably site-specific works in eight installation rooms at the Kunstmuseum Bonn and is the first solo exhibition in a German institution – the shows in Bolzano and Nuremberg – with the same title – are entirely different. This catalogue documents all three exhibitions. > MORE


Kunstmuseum Bonn (30/01. – 04/05/2014)

Museion Bozen (24/05 – 07/09/2014)

Kunsthalle Nürnberg (13/11/2014 – 08/02/2015)

Tatiana Trouve: I Tempi Doppi
Editors:    Stephan Berg, Letizia Ragaglia, Ellen Seifmann
Text by:    Stefan Gronert, Barbara Hess, Letizia Ragaglia
ISBN:    9783864420801
Publisher:    Snoeck
Publ. year:    2014
Language:    English
Pages:    168
Illustrations:    100 colour


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