Social Urbanism: Justin McGuirk

London-based design critic Justin McGuirk traveled to South America to research a book about social architecture. Through a series of travelogues laced with detailed architectural analysis, ”Radical Cities” explores key social housing experiments from the 1960s and ’70s and sets them against the methods being used today by activist architects such as Alejandro Aravena in Chile and Jorge Mario Jauregui in Brazil. What emerges is a dialogue between modernism and activism, between sweeping ideology and nimble pragmatism.


ArchDailyJustin McGuirk’s Radical Cities: Across Latin America in Search of a New Architecture: “In Radical Cities, Justin McGuirk travels across Latin America in search of the people and ideas shaping the way cities are evolving: “after decades of social and political failure, a new generation has revitalised architecture …” Read the full article on arch daily here

“A series of remarkable interventions across Latin America that seek to align architecture, planning, and infrastructure with the needs of disenfranchised people who seek to live in decent, democratic, and functional environments.” – Michael Sorkin

“Clear headed, elegantly written, carefully observed, the book introduces us to flamboyant mooning mayors and revolutionary theme park builders. We follow McGuirk through the dark stairwells of Caracas’s squatted skyscraper, and the cable cars dangling above Rio’s favelas.” – Deyan Sudjic


Justin McGuirk: 
Radical Cities 
Across Latin America in Search of a New Architecture
Author:    Justin McGuirk
ISBN:    9781781682807
Publisher:    Verso
Publ. year:    12014
Language:    English
Pages:    288
Buy the book here!

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