Meet the artist: JH Engström in Stockholm

Well, we’re celebrating an early Christmas this year. On Tuesday 17 December, 2013 Swedish photographer JH Engström is coming to the store in Stockholm for the Swedish release of four new productions.

JH Engström Ende und Anfang - Early TripsFar from Stockholm” from British publisher Mörel Books and “Ende und Anfang” from French André Frère Éditions are two fantastic new monographs of superb quality. The movie “A Propos d \ ‘Anders Petersen, A Film About With” is now released by Éditions de l’Oeil  — the DVD comes with a 32-page booklet. And if that’s not enough as we also present “Lost Home” from the Japanese Super Labo, where JH is one of ten contributing photographers in a box of 10 booklets.

All these books were released a few weeks back at Paris Photo and we are proud to launch now here in Sweden.

On the Wednesday December 18 we can ship out signed copies to you!

About the signing:
When: Tuesday 17 December, 2013; 6-8 pm
Where: Konstig Bookshop Stockholm,  Åsögatan 124, 116 24 Stockholm

About the books:

JH Engström Långt Från Stockholm JH Engström Far from Stockholm
Publisher: Mörel Books
Publ. year: 2013
Language: English
Pages: 128
JH Engström Ende und Anfang - Early Trips JH Engström: Ende und Anfang – Early Trips
Designed by:    Patric Leo, JH Engström
Preface by:    JH Engström
Publisher:    Edition André Frère
Publ. year:    2013
Language:    English
Pages:    128
JH Engström A Propos d’Anders Petersen, A Film About With JH Engström: A Propos d’Anders Petersen, A Film About With
Features:    Anders Petersen
Publisher:    éditions de l’oeil
Publ. year:    2013
Language:    English
Run time:    52 minutes
Lost Home Lost Home
Features:    Harvey Benge, JH Engström, Roe Ethridge, Takashi Homma, Ron Jude, Daido Moriyama, Christian Patterson, Slavica Perkovic, Bertien van Manen, Terri Weifenbach
Text by:    Nobuyuki Ishiki
Publisher:    Super Labo
Publ. year:    2013
Languages:    Japanese, English
Pages:    272

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