Intimate gestures

As a counteraction to today’s extremely rapid image world, Eva Vermandel’s photography brings warm stillness and subtle reflections on everyday life. Stunningly beautiful, serene and timeless portraits and observations.

What I look for in my work (and in life in general) is an intense sense of being. This sense of being has a strong feel of rootedness and an opaque time-frame, both in terms of a sense of timelessness and in a certain imprecise relationship between the photograph and a specific era in time.” – Eva Vermandel in an Great Leap Sideway’s interview > MORE

Eva Vermandel: Splinter 
Editor:    Lena González
Designed by:    Filip De Baudringhien
Text by:    Duncan Forbes
ISBN:    9783775736398
Publisher:    Hatje Cantz
Publ. year:    2013
Language:    English
Pages:    112
Illustrations:    53 colour

    Cecilia Hillström Gallery, Stockholm 2013

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