Landscapes: Exkursioner/Excursions by Martin Jacobson

The scenic vs the scene.  The familiar vs the unfamiliar. Swedish artist Martin Jacobson’s pictorial vision of nature is like a theater set.” Exkursioner/Excursions” accompanies his exhibition at Nordiska Akvarellmuseet.

See more information about the book in our online shop or read the first parts of Camilla Larsson’s text, ”Painting’s Nature” here:

From Camilla Larsson’s text, ”Painting’s Nature”:
Martin Jacobson’s landscape painting presents us with a strange version of nature. With brushstroke and paint he builds up images of natural scenery and generates atmosphere and character. In his paintings we meet woodland groves, trees grown tall and paths bathed in the light of a rising or setting sun. Wherever we look we see scenes of woods tinged in seasonal colours. The cold light of winter across snow-covered ground is replaced by spring meadows, following the cycle of the year. When we cease searching for human figures in his pictures the background begins to assert itself and live its own life in a kind of painterly animism. The strong colours he employs and the unexpected tonal combinations reinforce the impression of animated nature. What we see on canvas and paper is not just views of trees, streams, paths and foliage but elements of light and shade that appear in the most striking manner. The colours are given new life. It is as if they discover themselves for the first time in relation to one another, through the interplay of contrasts and tones.
These paintings have me think of that description of Rembrandt by the poet and art critic Charles Baudelaire where he implied that what Rembrandt painted was fantastic landscapes rather than historical scenes.

Exkursioner/Excursions by Martin Jacobson
Editor:Bera Nordal
Designed by:Patric Waters
Text by:Camilla Larsson
Publisher:Nordiska Akvarellmuseet
Publ. year:2013
Languages: English, Swedish
Pages: 111
Illustrations: 49 colour

Exhibition: Nordiska akvarellmuseet, Skärhamn 22.9 2013 – 16.2 2014


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