A Merger: Pretty Pictures by Marian Bantjes

Intricate and labour-intensive: Marian Bantjes fuses illustration with letterforms to create ornate and stunning graphics. She has collaborated with Pentagram, Bruce Mau and Sagmeister.

”Pretty Picture”s is arranged chronologically. It begins with a quick overview of Bantjes work as a book typesetter (1983–1993) and then as a graphic designer (1993–2003) with a splatter of thumbnails from her work through that time, and then jumps  to the heart of the matter with the work she started on my own in 2003 in an attempt to make a living doing work that she loves.

The  book is design by herself – and this is what she said about the design process:

”While most art and design books are designed around a strict grid system, I needed more flexibity than this could afford. Because the book contains so many projects, some important and some minor, and because I already had a chronological structure I decided to allow myself to put the projects in any size that made sense and create structure out of each page spread. I allowed some fudging on the time scale (perhaps by a month) to accomodate interesting parallels between work and the visual balance of pages. This made things harder for myself than plopping  things into grid spaces, but it makes a much more dynamic and interesting design overall.” > MORE

Pretty Pictures by Marian Bantjes
Text by:    Marian Bantjes
Foreword by:    Rick Poynor
ISBN:    9781938922220
Publisher:    Metropolis/Thames & Hudson
Publ. year:    2013
Language:    English
Pages:    272
Illustrations:    800 colour
Width x height:    267 x 350 (mm


Essay by Marian Bantjes on origami in Eye Magazine (issue 67)

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