Otmar Thormann – Ursprung

Photography as a vehicle for awareness, of coming to terms with one’s past.  “Ursprung” is Otmar Thormann’s powerful grappling with undesirable memories from his childhood.

“As a five-year-old I witnessed brutal scenes of slaughtering, but there was no-one I could talk to about them. Like knots on a piece of string I stored those images within me, images I could rarely make head nor tail of.”

Otmar Thormann is a Graz-born, Stockholm-based photographer. “Ursprung” also situates itself within the Austrian canon of art and literature exploring the nation’s dubious past.

“Ursprung” is about the desire to find closure and moving on. > MORE

Otmar Thormann – Ursprung [signed]
Editors:    Rainer Iglar, Michael Mauracher
Designed by:    Christian Ruthner
Text by:    Otmar Thormann
ISBN:    9783902675873
Publisher:    Fotohof edition
Publ. year:    2013
Languages:    Swedish, English, German
Pages:    192
Illustrations:    83 colour
Edition:    1200 copies


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