Celebrating 100 – Formica Forever

Abbott Miller and the team at Pentagram tell the history of a classic composite found on millions of surfaces around the world. Invented in 1913, Formica Laminate was originally intended to be a substitute for the mineral mica (“for mica”), used for electrical insulation.

“Formica Forever” is a commemorative volume but also an inspirational source. Formica is known for its colors, and the book’s central section, “100 Years of Color and Pattern,” tells the Formica story in a series of portfolios that organize hundreds of archival images by color: Yellow, Red, Blue, Brown, Green, Pink, White, Orange, and Black. > MORE

Formica Forever
Editor:    Abbott Miller
Designed by:    Pentagram
Text by:    Phil Patton, Peter York, Alexandra Lange
Foreword by:    Mark Adamson
ISBN:    9781938922152
Publisher:    Metropolis Books/Formica Corp
Publ. year:    2013
Language:    English
Pages:    408
Illustrations:    colour & b/w

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