Another kind of beauty: Greenhouse Studies by Philippe Weisbecker

Only a very accomplished artist can produce artwork like a child. Wonderfully distorted proportions and non-existing perspectives transform Victorian greenhouses to two-dimensional woodsheds.

Juxtaposing photocopied source photographs with his own interpretations, Philippe Weisberker’s ”Greenhouse Studies”, is perfectly endearing. The book is from 2012 and there’re not many copies left. Don’t miss it!

Born in 1942, Philippe Weisbecker studied interior design in Paris. By 1968 he moved to New York. First working as a draftsman in an architectural firm, he started a career as an illustrator at the age of 30. His work has been published in major American publications such as the New York Times, Time magazine and The New Yorker among others. In the late 90’s he shifted gradually from commissioned work to his own original production which he is now showing in galleries worldwide. > MORE


Greenhouse Studies by Philippe Weisbecker
Author:    Philippe Weisbecker
ISBN:    9783905999068
Publisher:    Nieves
Publ. year:    2012
Language:    English
Pages:    32
Illustrations:    colour offset

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