Seeing Things Invisible by Forrest Bess

Robert Gober: “Forrest Bess lived a life of profound poverty and solitude, working for most of his adult life as a seasonal bait fisherman in a series of camps and homes built from scavenged detritus on a tiny spit of a treeless island on Chinquapin Bay.”

Primitive abstraction, maybe. At least Pre-Abstract Expressionism.  The art of Forrest Bess gained new acclaim after the last Whitney Biennial. Bess was an artist living in isolation in a lived in a fishing camp outside of Bay City, Texas, selling bate. It was far away form the art world.  And he was gay.  He died in 1977. > MORE

Seeing Things Invisible by Forrest Bess

Author:    Clare Elliott
Text by:    Forrest Bess
Contributions by:    Robert Gober
ISBN:    9780300189735
Publisher:    Yale University Press
Publ. year:    2013
Language:    English
Pages:    112
Illustrations:    60 colour


Another recommended book on the American painter dealing with his intriguing life as well as art:

Forrest Bess: Key to the Riddle Forrest Bess: Key to the Riddle
Author:    Chuck Smith
Publisher:    PowerHouse Books
Publ. year:    2013
Language:    English
Pages:    160

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