Prestigious Collection: Still Life / Work Life From the Hasselblad Foundation

Yngve Baum’s shipyard photo from Gothenburg 1973 takes me immediately to today’s shipwreckers in Bangladesh captured by Polish photojournalist Tomasz Gudzowaty.  In this new book (and exhibition) from the prestigious collection of  Hasselblad Foundation two dominant traditions in photography are juxtaposed –  still life and documentary photography. > MORE


Still Life / Work Life – From the Hasselblad Foundation Collection 1
Features:    Hasselblad Foundation Collection
Editors:    Dragana Vujanovic, Louise Wolthers
Designed by:    Sandra Praun
Introduction by:    Dragana Vujanovic
Essays by:    Louise Wolthers
ISBN:    9789198087406
Publisher:    Art & Theory
Publ. year:    2013
Languages:    English, Swedish
Pages:    128
Illustrations:    74 colour & b/w


Hasselblad Center, Göteborg 2013

More Information:
Hasselblad Foundation, Collection


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