Books Matter – Hoyte van Hoytema

Books Matter is a new series by Konst/ig: We ask artists, architects, photographers, designers, filmmakers and other great personalities which books influenced their life and work the most.

The first person we asked why books matter and which books matter to him is Hoyte van Hoytema*.

Hoyte van Hoytema, cinematographer

“Every film production demands a different approach to the visuals. And photo and art books are always a great help to me when I’m trying to find the visual language for a film. That’s why I have new favourite books for each new film. But there are a few books that have inspired me consistently.

HENRI ALEKAN – DES LUMIÈRES ET DES OMBRES (Editions du Collectionneur, 1997) – a master cinematographer analyses his own fantastic classic works in a big rare book stuffed with references from painting and photography. In French only, unfortunately.
LARS TUNBJÖRK – LANDET UTOM SIG (Journal, 1993) – has been with me since my student days at the Polish film academy. The book was given to me by a friend in Sweden, and showed me that there were different ways of interpreting reality, besides the heavy Polish aesthetics. I still love the book.
OLA BILLGREN – MÅLERI / PAINTINGS (Bra Böcker, 2000) – the perfect mix of abstract and figurative paintings. No book has helped me as much as this one in defining “Swedish light,” from Billgren’s magic realistic images to his abstract and dark paintings. A great collection of incredible work. Florescent-lit rooms peaked into through glass, artificially lit hospital corridors, flat tired winter tungsten light and beautiful natural light in block apartments…”

*Hoyte van Hoytema is a Dutch cinematographer, based in Sweden. He became internationally known for his stunning cinematography in “Låt den rätte komma in” (2008) and “Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy” (2011).  His new film “Call Girl” was just released in Sweden.

Unfortunately these books are out of print but here are two other great books of Lars Tunbjörk:

Kontor / Office by Lars Tunbjörk
Publisher: Max Ström bokförlag
Publishing year: 2002
Language: English
Pages: 120
Illustrations: 79 color
Vinter by Lars Tunbjörk
Editors: Greger Ulf Nilson, Lars Tunbjork
Text by: Anna Tellgren
Publisher: Steidl Verlag
Publishing year: 2007
Language: English
Pages: 144
Illustrations: 135 colorExhibition: Moderna Museet, Stockholm 2007

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