Place and Displacement: Exhibiting Architecture

All Architecture is by nature exhibitionistic, on display all the Time. Architectural exhibitions are, however, despite of and because of their temporary status, a forum for suggestions and thought. Here an exploration of the ambiguous qualities of architecture, a subject considered from every angle. Place and Displacement: Exhibiting Architecture is a three-year cross-disciplinary and international […]

Ludwig Mies van der Rohe: The Built Work

The number one book on Mies van der Rohe for architects – by far . This essential and comprehensive monograph is a masterpiece in itself: Author Carsten Krohn has photographed all buildings and redrawn every plan and drawing, creating a magnificent documentation. He reconstructs the buildings in their original state, examines them from the present […]

Phyllis Richardson: Superlight - Lightness in Contemporary Houses

40 projects that show us how to find lightweight solutions for residential architecture that are not only beautiful but have ecological sensibility, stylistic unobtrusiveness and minimal impact on our environment. The projects in “Superlight” combine two strands of thinking: that buildings can weigh less and have minimal impact on their environments, and that this lightness–visual, […]

Kurt Beers: 100 Painters of Tomorrow

Who belongs to the new generation of painters that will push the envelope of the medium further? This new excellent survey has picked 100 exciting emerging artists that might do just that. Selected from an ambitious open call and with more than 100 of the world’s leading art schools invited to participate, the 100 painters […]

Los Logos 7

The best way to keep yourselves updated on the latest developments and trends in logo design is simply to purchase a copy of Los Logos. Here’s is a new fresh collection of international logos that embodies current zeitgeist. Fully indexed and intuitively structured, Los Logos 7 draws connections between the applications and the fields for […]

Jason Vaughn: Hide

Jason Vaughn’s series on deer stands began as a commentary on Wisconsin’s hunting tradition. These built structures in nature where hunters loom. But Jason Vaughn was diagnosed with leukemia and the project took on a more personal meaning. “Hide” is not a project about violence and blood-stained clothing, but rather a project about family, traditions, […]

Richard Kenvin: Surf Craft - Design and the Culture of Board Riding

“Surf Craft” is an extravaganza of table-top photographs of remarkable board design. It is preluded by essays examining surfing’s Hawaiian heritage and the evolution of board design. Well, just keep oogling these boards. Aloha bellyboards, kneeboards. Olo, Alaia, single-fins, longboards, …. Richard Kenvin: Surf Craft – Design and the Culture of Board Riding Author:    Richard […]


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