Suzanne Perrottet: Bewegungen / Movements

From the personal archive of the late Suzanne Perrottet, who is regarded as one of the founders of modern dance, comes an astounding and large collection of images – clippings and photographs –  depicting movements. Suzanne Perrottet (1889 – 1983) was a pupil of the composer and teacher Emile Jaques-Dalcroze (1865 to 1950). Together with […]

Judith Donath: The Social Machine - Designs for Living Online

Judith Donath’s new book “The Social Machine” is a manifesto for balancing legibility, social responsibility and innovation — and a manual for designing radically new environments for social interaction and communication. Online, interface designs fashion people’s appearance, shape their communication and influence their behavior. Can we see another’s face or do we know each other […]

Katharina Roters: Hungarian Cubes - Subversive Ornaments in Socialism

The Hungarian cube gets a makeover. Transforming family homes of the postwar communist era by hand-made interventions has been away for people to subvert the collective domination in Hungary. The “Magyar Kocka”, or Hungarian Cube, is a standardized type of residential house in Hungary that dates back to the 1920s. It was designed as a […]

Lygia Clark: The Abandonment of Art, 1948-1988

Participatory and off-beat. The spatial and sensorial art by the late Brazilian artist Lygia Clark finds new audiences. This MoMA exhibition catalogue encompasses works from her entire career spanning from 1948 to 1988. Lygia Clark (1920–1988) trained in Rio de Janeiro and Paris from the late 1940s to the mid-1950s. Clark was at the forefront […]

Clare Jacobson: New Museums in China

China’s remarkable museum-building boom is unlike anything seen before in the history of architecture. Clare Jacobsen presents in her new book 51 carefully chosen projects from Inner Mongolia to Shanghai and Beijing – all made in the past 10 years! New museums in China are not simply anonymous buildings… they are designed to be iconic. […]

Peter Bialobrzeski: Nail Houses Or the Destruction of Lower Shanghai

The expansive urban development in China sometimes runs into obstacles. In “Nail Houses” German photographer Peter Bialobrzeski documents civic refusals that add interesting features to the towering Shanghai skyline. > MORE Peter Bialobrzeski: Nail Houses Or the Destruction of Lower Shanghai Designed by:    Andrea Rauschenbusch Text by:    Stefanie Gommel ISBN:    9783775738293 Publisher:    Hatje Cantz Publ. […]

Tatiana Trouve: I Tempi Doppi

The works of Paris-based artist Tatiana Trouvé are unnerving and create haunting situations that oscillate between the real, the imaginary and the illusory. In her art rational and irrational spheres connect. “I Tempi Doppi” is a large-scale presentation of her invariably site-specific works in eight installation rooms at the Kunstmuseum Bonn and is the first […]


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